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Our Leather & Fabrics

At Venture Seating, we’ve hand selected more than 400 individual leathers and thousands of fabrics to ensure you can find not only a colour you love, but the shade and sheen to create your ideal look. Please browse our swatches below, or visit our store to see them in living colour. Find a store


Our high quality fabrics are engineered to withstand heavy use. Most fabrics we carry are treated with a stain-resistant finish so that when accidents happen, they are easily cleaned.


With its soft and supple feel, our leathers mold to your body and adjust to your temperature so that it feels neither hot nor cold. This sumptuous side is equally matched by its toughness. Leather stands up to wear and tear that would ravage other upholstery, lasting an average of four times longer than fabric coverings. Unlike fabric, the look and feel of leather will actually improve as the years go by. Very little care is needed to maintain our leathers rich appearance, making it the perfect home furnishing investment.

Only the worlds best

Venture only uses the world’s finest cowhides – only 4 out of every 100 hides are suitable to be used in our leather upholstery. The hides are treated with old-world tanning techniques to turn them into supple, richly coloured upholstery leather. Although it has become commonplace to use inferior parts of the hide like bycast and splits, Venture only uses the upper portion of the hide, which is called the top-grain

Through testing, our craftspeople carefully review the dyed hides, looking for character and quality. Our goal is to showcase the beauty of the worlds finest hides by creating a unique and lasting work of art in leather.