Designed for a sustainable future

If you have unfortunately experienced the frustration of making a substantial investment in furniture, having it only to fall apart shortly after, you have first-hand experienced the difference that quality material and manufacturing makes. Our master craftsmen produce our timeless pieces using solid hardwood frames, high-quality foams, Italian leathers and custom fabrics engineered to withstand heavy use. Let us help you break the pattern of frustration over short-lived furniture, as our products will be enjoyed by generations to come.

Environmental Responsibility

Venture Seating is committed to the conservation of our natural resources by minimizing waste and reducing energy consumption. We continue to see new and innovative ways to sustain and enrich the environment. We view this commitment as a good business practice, and as our responsibility for future generations. 

A Healthy Planet

 Local Sourcing & Manufacturing

We manufacture and distribute from a single location so that we are able to get products to a customer faster while also tremendously decreasing our carbon footprint. 92% of our materials are sourced from local suppliers within a 150km radius. We have also increased the use of day lighting and have upgraded to more energy efficient lighting systems.

FSC Certified Wood

We depend on forests for our survival, from the air we breathe to the wood we use. That’s why at Venture Seating we use only FSC Certified wood. Producing environmentally and socially responsible wood, the FSC ensures that for every tree taken, another tree is planted. It is allowing us to use quality materials while reducing our impact on our planet.

 Reduce, Reuse & Recycle

We use recycled or recyclable packing & packaging materials, and offer blanket wrap transportation for our customers. We reduce our carbon footprint by recycling our excess materials to divert waste from our growing landfills.


Each leather hide is unique, and to produce the uniform pieces, we must cut away edges and defects from the hide. To eliminate waste, we up-cycle these scraps by sending them to small business. This gives these small pieces a new life in the form of small leather goods.


Our excess foam is sent to a recycling facility where it is broken down and used to make carpet underlayment.


Protecting our planet is just as important as giving back to those we share it with. All scrap metals at Venture Seating are recycled at local collection agencies. Proceeds go directly towards supporting the education of young children in India, Guyana, and Jamaica. 

 Health & Safety Code Compliance

We meet or exceed all local health and safety codes and document our health and safety conditions in our facilities and stores.


A Healthy Home

Creating a healthy, non-toxic home shouldn’t be difficult. Our wood products are free of harsh chemicals and veneers, and we utilize only water-based stains, avoiding the toxic fumes produced by oil and latex-based stains.